Monday, July 27, 2015

"Game" of Life

So tonight I was going to sit down and write a blog post on growth and change.  It was going to compare the "game" of life to other games.  Specifically I had Nintendo and D & D in mind.

Now, game systems, like Nintendo, come with a reset button.  If you don't like the way the game is going you can reset it, and start all over.

This is nifty.  Nice feature.  Too bad it doesn't apply to real life.  Like, lose too many hearts, reset, hearts come back.  Sure, you have to do some things all over again, but you've done them before, you know how to do it now.  Better, faster, with more power.  Okay, with less power, but you know where I'm going with this right?

Lost your sword? Its dangerous to go alone! Hit reset!

Now D & D (Dungeons and Dragons for those among you who don't speak geek) isn't a console game.  It doesn't come with a reset button.

Come to find out it doesn't really fit with my anology either, but I'm gonna roll with it.

(Get it... Roll with it.  I made a joke.  It was funny.  Laugh at me damnit!)

When you play a Nintendo game, you have a character given to you.  Once upon a time if it was an RPG you could name your own character but after that you were sort of stuck with the game as the programers programed it.

D & D is different.  You get to create your own characters.  You have to do this based on a certain set of rules, but they are your creation.

Now, these characters grow.  They change.

Now this is where I get a little murky on the whole thing, since I've never actually PLAYED the game.  But I've heard people talk about it.  Had a conversation about it on FB tonight in fact.

Meanwhile, while your console game character is limited to a set number of choices and a set number of outcomes, your RPG chracter has a wider variety of directions to go, you can learn and you can grow.  And while you might never change your alignment you will be a vastly different character at level 15 than you were at level 1.

And maybe if I had played more D & D and less Super Mario then I'd be a little better at this whole "LIFE" thing.

Because I kind of really want to hit the rest button, you know?  Like, who is this turtle and why did he just bite my feet off?  RESET!

The Game of Life does not come with a reset button.

But there really are turtles that can bite your feet off!
I've got to learn how to roll the dice instead.  And hope for a natural 20 (because that is apparently a good thing)

So, time to start rolling!

Think this is enough dice guys?


  1. Letting you know, I read it, and in some cases I agree about reset. I get the best result from resetting my attitude, but I am not living your life so not sure it would apply to you. I like the way this was written and enjoyed the photos you found for illustration. Even I understood it and I do not play either of the games.

  2. I use to think I wanted a reset button...but I don't. I lived my life the way I thought it should've been, not necessarily right or always with good intentions. I am livimg my life, yes something I wish were different some of those things I can control, others not so much in my realm of power to change. As a younger me I would've have hot that reset button like mad crazy but not now. All my choices were made because at that given moment I wanted it so. I have evolved over my life and I like where it is taking me. I have pissed off ppl made plenty of ppl jealous and left the majority behind scratching their heads saying "WHAT?" The one thing I wish I could change I cannot, and I deal with that daily. But RESET my life that would be a NO!


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