Thursday, July 9, 2015

Curated Bookshelves, Or Something More Acheivable

See this hot mess right here.  This is my book shelf.

Actually this is one of 4 of my bookshelves (with a little peek of a second one on the left.)  This particular shelf holds me Misc. Books.  Ones that I have, that I want to keep forever and ever, but don't have enough of to have their own shelf.
The shelf you see to the left is my Stephen King shelf.  Cause Stephen King writes a lot. One day my Dean Koontz and Janet Evonavich books will need their own shelves too I think.

The other two shelves are in my bedroom.  One of them has my notebooks and craft books and the other one doesn't even hold books, it holds my craft supplies.

But anyway, I was talking about my self being a hot mess.

Its not very organized.  Twice in a row now I've become the proud owner of multiple copies of some of the books because my husband looked at the shelf, didn't see a particular book, and bought another one.

How embarrassing!

For a long time I have been wanting to clean off my shelves and organize them.  I prefer for my books to be organized by author, but since I've just been sticking them wherever when I get new ones a lot of them are not in the right spots.  Janet Evanovich especially.

That is going to be a big task.  Sure, its as simple as pulling the books off the shelf and reorganizing them but its a bigger job even than it looks like.

What you can't really tell from this picture is that I don't just have books on the shelf.  Each shelf is TWO rows deep.  Except for the top shelf.  The top shelf is THREE ROWS DEEP.

What that means is that even if I clean my shelf it's never going to look "clean."  If you know what I mean.  Its never goign to look like this:
I have too many books for my shelf to ever be this pretty.
That shelf up there is stunning to me.  I love it.  Books and lots of pretty art.  And it's yellow, and you can SEE the pretty yellow.  I would like to have pretty art on my shelves and paint the back a pretty color to see behind it, but they are too busy groaning under the pressure of the books they are holding.  And I can't even think of the last time I saw the BACK of my shelves.

Lucky for me that pinterest is full of bookshelf porn.

But, that doesn't mean that my own overflowing shelves can't be functional AND clean.  Or at least Cleaner.

Maybe one day before the month is out I can get back to you with an "After" shot of my bookshelf.

In the meantime instead of cleaning I sat down and wrote.  I wrote 3 Tips on Bookshelf OrganizationBecause if I break it down into only 3 steps it seems like I MIGHT be able to accomplish this thing.

Meanwhile if you are just wondering why I don't just get rid of all my books and get them all in e-reader formart you might want to check out Books Make a Home.  Written by a bibliophile like myself, maybe it can help you find the enjoyment in a physical book that other people have.


  1. I think you need more book shelves! Books are the one thing I collect that I can't have enough of and it will always be that way.

    1. Oh, how I would LOVE to have more book shelves. Unfortunately my hubby has the rest of the open wall space filled with his floor to ceiling DVD shelves.


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