Thursday, June 11, 2015

Little Red Wagon

I had a little red wagon growing up.

I don't remember if it was a radio flyer or not, and I don't remember what happened to it.  I remember it was metal, and sometimes I would sit in it in the summer and it would be hot enough to burn my bottom.  But I loved it.

Maybe that is why little red (metal) wagons are so hard to find these days.  Not because I loved mine, but because the metal can get to hot.

After all, its all about safety these days.

Why am I thinking about my little red wagon?  Because I think it would be nice to have one for the boys.

I can easily picture Parker pulling Spencer all over the place in their very own little red wagon.

Brian and his Red Wagon Poster by ArtbyAdrianaFox
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Locally all we can seem to find are plastic wagons. To me they are not the same. The lack the charm.

You can buy a Radio Flyer red wagon on amazon, but my goodness is it pricy.

Have red wagons always been that expensive, or have they only gone over $100 recently?

I wonder how many children today even know what a wagon is?  In person I never see children playing with them.  Online I never see photos of other peoples children playing with them.

Well, I take that back, I have seen children playing in them, but only as they were being used as photo props for professional photographers, like this cute picture on pinterest.

As I started writing this I got the song "Bumping Up and Down in my Little Red Wagon" stuck in my head.  Do any of you know it?

If wagons are obsolete do they still teach that song to children?

Did you have a red wagon as a child?  Do any of your children (or grandchildren or nieces/nephews or neighbors kids or anyone you know) have a red wagon?
I would love it if you left me a comment sharing a "Little Red Wagon" story of your own with me!

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  1. Yes, I and my siblings had little red wagons, as did my son. I almost bought one at a yard sale a few years ago just for fun but changed my mind and regretted it later!


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