Sunday, May 31, 2015

Seventh Son: A Movie Review

Seventh Son is available on Amazon in DVD
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Tonight after supper my husband put in Seventh Son.  I, being someone who enjoys watching a fantasy movie, decided to give it a try despite having heard not so good reviews from a couple of my FB friends.

I thought it was funny that just a couple of nights ago my husband and I were talking about movies and I was saying how disappointed I had been in the Final Fantasy movie (being Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within made around 2001) and how it was lacking in fantasy and was actually a Sci-fi movie. So, while watching Seventh Son, I told my husband, "You know, THIS is more what I was hoping the Final Fantasy movie would have been like.  Random monsters just popping out of the ground at you!"

In Seventh Son, Jeff Bridges plays Gregory, a Spook (witch/monster hunter) who has recently lost his current apprentice and must find another.  Finding an apprentice is harder than you would think because he must be the seventh son of a seventh son (which could explain why Gregory is the last of what was once an order of thousands).

So, Gergory ends up with Tom Ward.  And Tom isn't too keen on the whole "killing witches" thing.  Even if the witch in question had just been a giant bear trying very hard to kill him.

Even worse for Tom, he becomes the Spooks Apprentice at the same time that Mother Malkin, the queen of all evil witches, manages to burst her way out of the pit Gregory had put her in a few years previously.  She want revenge and, of course, world domination.  (Well, probably world domination.  All bad guys want world domination.)

I really enjoyed the film.  It was full of not too shabby creature effects.  Giant man/bears, seamless WereJaguars, witches that turn into dragons.  Any movie with a mid-air dragon fight pretty much wins it for me.  The trailer (shared below) really should have shown more dragon goodness.

There is PLENTY of action, but there is even a little romance if you simply can't have a movie without romance.  There is also a plot twist.  American movie goes LOVE plot twists.

So I told my husband, "If this is based on a book, I think I want to read a book."  I was assuming it was based on a book because Hollywood lost the ability to make a movie not based on a book (or comic book, or older movie/tv series) quite along time ago.

It IS in fact based on a book.  A whole series of them in fact.

The Spook's Apprentice (called The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch here in 'Merica) is the first in a series called "The Wardstone Chronicles" written by British author Joseph Delaney.

If you are like me and want to read the book after seeing the movie (or before) the first book in the series is called The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch in the US.  

For what its worth, the book series is much higher rated on amazon than the movie.


  1. Your review has me wanting to watch this movie. You mention dragons, right there you had me hooked.

  2. So glad I stopped by to check out your review! 7th son is on my Netflix que and now I can't wait to see it. Hubby and I are huge fantasy fans. Thanks for taking the time to write such a good review!

  3. Redboxed this over the weekend for my boys. They were impressed with the creatures and the effects, but ultimately they seemed bored for big chunks of the movie (probably the romance parts LOL) and they didn't like the ending :-(

  4. It fascinates me how a whole series of books can exist, and yet be wholly out of my awareness. I know it is the way things are, and yet, there are worlds to be discovered.

  5. It fascinates me how a whole series of books can exist, and yet be wholly out of my awareness. I know it is the way things are, and yet, there are worlds to be discovered.

  6. Looks like a must watch movie!


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