Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mod Melter, Noner Wants It!

Since it is so close to my birthday (a month away) I have been thinking about things I want.

What can I say.  Birthdays turn me into a big kid.  I have always loved getting gifts, and the cake and ice cream is a bonus.

I spend a lot of time watching craft videos on youtube, and since I'm a crafter there is no limit to the crafty items I would love to have.

One of them is the (fairly) new Mod Podge Mod Melter.

Now this is kind of like a fancy glue gun, but it's not made to use with hot glue sticks.  Mod Podge has glue sticks that go with them that are more like resin than hot glue.

Mod Podge also has a line of silicone molds.  You use the fancy glue sticks in the fancy glue gun and fill up the molds.  Then when it cools you have neat little trinkets that are like resin and that can be used for all your crafting needs.

I have also seen a blog post where someone used regular hot glue in one of the molds and made a more flexible casting that they used on a christmas ornament.  I think I might want to do that too!!

 There are a couple of different molds I would love to have, but the first one would have to be the Large Trinkets mod mold.  I love the donut and the mushroom in the set!  Just look how fun it is!

(This is NOT a sponsored post. I just want this thing!)

Now, ya'll wanna buy me a mod melter, or anything else, for my birthday, check out my Wish List on amazon!


  1. Pretty crafty of you to share your birthday wish list items! Here's hoping you receive them all as birthday gifts!

    1. Thank you Ruth. I doubt my family will buy me any of the crafty things I want. They usually get a lot of books. (Which is good too. I like books) But maybe some of my online family will treat me.


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