Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Going to the Park on a Monday

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I wasn't going to blog tonight.  I probably shouldn't be blogging tonight because it is nearly midnight and I have to be at work tomorrow so I should really be trying to sleep but.... the time is not why I wasn't going to blog tonight.

I wasn't going to blog because I'm feeling rather whiny tonight, and if I'm tired of hearing myself whine then I know you guys have to be.

So, trying to avoid my foul mood, I'm blogging regardless.

We went to the park today, the boys, my mother in law, and myself.  The park is around the corner but it was very cloudy.  We were going to drive, just in case it rained, but Parker wanted to walk, so we walked.

I love watching my son play on the playground even though I can't play with him like I want to because the pain in my feet keeps me from running.  I like seeing him be active and doing "boy" things like climbing the wrong way up the slide, because he spends far too much time in front of a tv or video game.

I'm just sad there were no other children there to play with him.  He doesn't get enough interaction with other kids.
Spencer enjoyed the park too.

Soon maybe he'll be able to enjoy it even more, as he starts walking.  He's already not afraid to climb, ending up very often on the coffee table at home as it is.

He took a step today, all one his own.  One little step, but soon I bet he'll be running everywhere.

And that is where I will end this blog, because that is where my day took its turn for the whiny.

You all have a good night, a good day and a good life.

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