Friday, April 10, 2015

Werewolf Hunting and Fishook Traps

I had an odd dream last night.

I dreamed I was in the woods behind my dad's house, but deeper than I went in those woods before.

The person I was with (a guy, but not anybody I know) took us down a trail to find an old abandoned house that was back there.

We were in the woods to be hunting a werewolf, and the guy thought it was holed up in this house.

Once in the house it was different.  Ouside it looked small, but inside it was HUGE.

As we searched the house we kept hearing bells.  Like "Santa is coming!" jingle bells.  Sometimes they sounded close and sometimes they were far away.

Eventually we encountered what was making the jingle bell noise.

It was a coyote.

He had gotten a hold of a coyote bait trap.  This one was a cluster of fish hooks with jingle bells on them.

He was in pain, starving and incredibly vicious.

The rest of the dream was us trying to get out of this deceptively large house and away from this insane coyote.

With him raging and jingling all the way behind us.

Meanwhile, in the waking world...

Did you know that some disgusting people out there actually do set traps for coyotes that are fishhooks baited with meat?  They don't have jingle bells on them, but other than that..yep..real trap.

Of course they argue they are doing it for good reasons.  Coyotes are nusisance.  Coyotes kill pets and livestock.  They do it for "conservation".  But the fact that they like to pose for pictures with trapped and suffering animals before they kill them tells me they get off on it.

And don't even get me started on how they are protecting all these pet's lives by setting out traps for their horrible killers that also kill pets.  Hey!  You know what a domestic cat or dog is gonna do if they come across a tasty hunk of meat?  Are they going to stop and examine it first because they are domestic and know to check for fish hooks?  No, they are gonna eat the damn thing!

Anyway...yeah.  In my dream the "werewolf" was a tortured animal.

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