Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Storage Shed Office - Wordless Wednesday

Today's Wordless Wednesday is not something that I took a photo of myself, but something I found online, and something that I really want.

I'm a crafter, see, and when my last son was born I gave up my craft space.  Now the only work area I have is a 2x3 foot desk shoved in the corner of the dining room.

I want an outdoor storage shed to turn into an office.

I would actually love THIS storage shed from Amazon, in the back corner of my yard.  It would be awesome with power run to it.


  1. I think a shed would do you a bit of good. It helps to have your own space in ones home. I am without that space myself. I can't seem to do anything without everyone walking all over each other.

    1. Yeah, I hate that my "office" is just a corner in the busiest room in the house. But there's no room in my room, and the other rooms are kids rooms. Its crazy.

      My husband just laughs at me though. He's not buying into it.

  2. This would be great! I am fixing up a corner of the bedroom for an office, as I blog on I am finding that I need a space, there is so much to keep track of, I need a spot. This shed would be excellent!~

  3. Reading your post I would say go for it :-)

    Have a shedtastic week :-)

  4. Oh yes would love this sort of shed/office in the garden.You should work on it :)


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