Monday, April 6, 2015

Entrepreneurial Daydreams

Today I'm feeling Entrepreneurial.  Looking at my stacks of recycling waiting to be turned into beads, or junk journals, I find myself wishing I could just quit my job and work at my crafts full time.

Either that, or start my own business.

I'm not against hard work, but at time I feel burnt out.  I work a full time retail job for a big box craft store.  That means I'm putting in 8 to 10 hour days and not earning very much while a CEO who has probably never even set foot in one of the stores he controls most less worked at one on our level, is making millions of dollars a year.

Somethings I think that I'd rather put in 12 hour days running my own business than 8 hour days making someone else richer.

Aside of daydreaming that I make it rich off of my art and crafts I've had a couple of differtent business ideas.

One is I would like to rent (or buy) a building, divide it into stalls and rent it out to people.  Like an every day flea market, or craft show, or whatever people wanted to sell.  They would pay a rent for the space and I'd take a small % of their profit.  They would be in charge of stocking their booth, but they wouldn't have to MAN it, we would sell their items for them.  Sort of like a consignment shop and flea market combined. That would also give me a place to sell MY crafts!

Another idea is to host kids craft birthday parties.  The place I work for charges $50 to rent a room and the parents have to do EVERYTHING other than clean up afterwards.  I thought it would be awesome to charge more, but do most of the things for the parents.  Decorations and cake/ice cream and including the craft in the fee instead of charging extra for it.

I've had other ideas too.  But can't act on any of them.

Since I have a family to think of I can't take out a loan, quit my job and hope for the best.  I have to stay where I am to assure we keep a roof over our heads.

So, I can have my Entrepreneurial Daydreams, but I'll always have to work for "The Man."


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  1. Hang on to those dreams, maybe start something on the side while still working, such as the craft parties!

    I have an entrepreneurial spirit too. In fact, I've owned a couple of businesses (years ago) that did well. I did find that I worked about 18 hours a day though! So there is something to be said for punching that time clock and going home and not having the job occupy your every waking hour and then some.

    1. I'd be willing to put in some long and hard hours. Like I said, I'm not against work. The difference would be I'd be doing it for me. If a customer called me a Fat Ass I could ask him to leave my business instead of having to smile and kiss his tush. I could have a "bring your kids to work" day if I was missing my boys. And once it was established (the consignment shop anyway) I could leave it with a manager and not have to be there all the time.

  2. I opened a construction business three years ago this upcoming August. Al and I said that we should have done this years ago. But we waited until the boys were all grown and now 2 of them are working for us. I agree with Ruth, maybe start something on the side. You never know where it will take you.

    1. Doing something on the side would be nearly impossible due to the nature of my job. I work retail. I don't have a set schedule so I never know what days I'm going to be off. One week I might be off Sunday and Monday. The next week I might be off Wednesday and Friday. And we never know what our shifts are going to be until the Friday before the week starts. And sometimes the shift will change mid week. And my shift is usually 10am to 6:30 pm leaving me no time at the beginning or end of the day to do anything.

  3. omgosh, u just described my job lol.
    I have a craft booth in a Peddlers Mall. (They get the main cha~ching of course) but I get by. It's an old building thats been converted into sections and they rent it out to people, for rent space and they get a percent, 6% i think. And then people shop it all, and pay at the registers. Just like any store cashier.
    It is a really great idea, I wish you could start your own!

  4. I have that same dream of renting a building and then renting stalls out to people. Too bad we don't live in the same town!


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