Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beauty and Bowls

I am a lover of beautiful things.

This does not set me apart.  It does not make me different.  Beauty is one that many people find appealing.  (Thought what is considered beautiful is in the eye of the beholder... or the beer holder, depending on who you ask.)

I spend a lot of time watching people make art on youtube, but sometimes I'll pull down an old issue of Artful Blogging and browse through it.

Once upon a time it was my dream to have my blog featured in this publication.  I've given up on that that dream.  

I blame the bowls. blog featured in this publication are artistic, thus the name.  And there are a lot of photographs.  And they are stunning and professional and I can look at a picture of bowls on a shelf (because there always seems to be a picture of bowls on a shelf) and I tell myself my bowls are not that beautiful, my shelf is not that beautiful, my photography and picmonkey editing is not that beautiful.

Now, the bowls, while sometimes being actual bowls, are also a metaphor.

The people who run these beautiful blogs do not life my kind of life.  They live in beautiful houses.  They have money to buy beautiful things.  They have time to make beautiful things.  They have time to take 400 pictures of their beautiful things and edit the 1 best one into award winning artwork.

My bowls have chips in them, and if I manage to take a picture of them I'm lucky if I have time to download them to the computer and run them through the auto-correct feature of picmonkey between diaper changes and 9 hour work days.
This makes me daydream.

I want to live on a hobby farm.  I want to bake bread from scratch in my rustic kitchen (but it only LOOKS rustic, all the appliances are modern, and my microwave will be so smart that I could tell it to program the VCR and it would tidy up the den while it was at it).  I want to take beautiful pictures of beautiful bowls.

My life is beautiful in its own way, but it is not beautiful in a way that is ever going to get it featured in a magazine (or a reality television show).

So its a good thing I have the internet, and this blog.

And its a good thing that thanks to Pinterest, I'll never run out of beautiful bowls to look at.

PS. The bowl images I shared in this blog are from pinterest.  If you click them they will take you to my For the Home pinboard.  I fully intended to make a Bowls pinboard just for this post.  I might still do that.

PSS. I was going to take a picture of some of my bowls to share at the end of this post, but its almost midnight and I don't have time left in the day for a photo shoot.

PPSS. My perceived lack of beauty is not the only reason I'll never be in artful blogging.  My tenancy occasionally drop the F-bomb for no good reason at all


  1. Enjoyed reading your post. Found you at Monday Madness Blogger Link Up!

  2. You said the main reasons my craft blog will never be huge either lol. but we can always dream right?
    I also try for great photos.... try try and try some more. lol

  3. My bowls have chips in them, and I'm also an f-bomber. There's beauty in those things too. Let them have their fancy magazines. :)


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