Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools and Bees!

I am a little surprised.  It is April Fools day and I've not seen a single, "I'm Pregnant" post come across my Facebook news feed.

Personally I've never seen the humor in April Fools Day, or the pranks that so often come with it.  Like visiting today and having it be "retro."  I immediately knew it to be an April fools prank, but my husband (who hates it when web pages change they way they look) almost hit the roof!

Also, this is one day where you never want to share BIG news because nobody is going to beleive you.

One of my most vivid memories of April Fools Day involved a bee, but no prank.

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The house I grew up in was often surrounded by Carpenter bees in the spring time.  These big black and yellow bees resemble bumble bees.

They will dive bomb you, and scare the pee out of you, but they would very rarely sting.  Like, if you sat on one (like I have) or stepped on one it would sting, but its not going to sting for no good reason like a wasp will.

Anyway, my Daddy had gone outside one April 1st and when he came back in he had one of these carpenter bees just hanging out on his back.  Just chilling, hitching a ride and all.

Well, my brother and I were trying to tell Daddy that he had a bee on his back.  We didn't want him to sit down, lean back, and get stung.

Of course, since it was April Fools day, Daddy just wasn't buying into it.  He thought we were trying to pull an prank on him and make him think there was a bee on his back when there really was not.

There is a happy ending to the story however, we finally did convince Daddy that he had a bee on his back and he took it back outside and got rid of it before he got stung or it got smushed.

Have you ever had anyone disbelieve you because of the Date?


(Todays post was inspired by the Challenge Your Writing April Prompt List on the Challenge Your Writing blog.)


  1. Cute story...had a little teehee, because it sounds like some things that happened in our family. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Thank goodness you father believed you, so he or anyone else did not get stung.


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