Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Turtle Sandbox Love

When my oldest was young we bought him a sandbox thinking, "What child doesn't love a sandbox?"

The answer turns out to be that OUR child doesn't love a sandbox.  He hated getting sand on him.

So for the next 5 years or so this adorable Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox sat empty and neglected in our yard.

Then this happened:

It was a warm day, and I took the boys outside to play.  Parker wanted me to push him on the swing but I didn't know what to do with the baby, who isn't walking on his own yet.  I thought..."I wonder if he'll like the sandbox."

He looked very unsure at first.  I remember how much Parker hated it.  I just KNEW he was going to start screaming but...

He absolutely loved it.  That sandbox was the greatest thing that ever happened to this kid.  He touched the sand.  He kicked the sand.  He ate the sand.  He was in sand nirvana.

His brother even came to play with him a little, but you can look at that body language and tell that he's still not very fond of the whole sandbox thing.

So, there you go, just goes to show how very different brothers can be.


  1. I would of turned the sandbox into a flower bed.

    1. I never thought of it. I always assumed I'd have a second kid and hoped they would like it better.

  2. I would of turned the sandbox into a flower bed.

  3. That sandbox was just waiting for that baby to come and play one day!

    1. He is a plastic turtle with a fulfilled destiny.


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