Saturday, March 28, 2015

Most Alive at Night

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I am most alive at night.

I proclaim "I need to get more serious about ...." With the about changing from time to time.

I need to get more serious about my writing.  I need to get more serious about my art.  I need to get more serious about my health.  I need to get more serious about....

And at the time I mean it.  I set about making plans, and most nights that its upon me I hardly sleep for my brain won't shut down.  An active brain at 3 or 4 am is a curse when you have to work the next day.

I'm most alive at night.

By morning I'm exhausted again, with no energy to pursue my dreams of the night before.  Right now I'm surrounded by notebooks and writing prompts, and snippets of information with the intentions to start penning early and have an entire month of writing for April, for my blogs as well as my paying sites.

I need to go to bed.

By the time morning comes my papers and pens and thoughts and ideas will be pushed aside as I spend another 8 hours working to pay the bills. After all, I have a house to pay for, and 2 small boys to feed and clothe and house.

There isn't much time in the day for me to create.  But that's okay.  There will be time after the kids go to bed for all the writing, all the art.  There will be time.... theory.

I'm most alive at night.  Too bad I live in a daytime world.

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  1. I always plan my night out before. Pack any bags or supplies needed for the next day.


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