Saturday, March 21, 2015

C is for Cookies and Cranky and Crafty

C is for Cookie, That's what it means to me.

Well, no, not really.  What does C stand for in my life?

Lately I've been reaching for the bad C words.

C is for crabby, cranky, crappy.  C is for crazy, which I'm pretty sure I'm going to be before this month is over.  C is for closed in and confined and constricted.  C is for controlled, as opposed to being IN control.

C isn't a nice fellow once you get past all the cookies.


C is for creativity.

That image up there is the 2nd of my "found poetry" collages I did this week (see the 1st one here).  Except its not exactly poetry, though the images and the words were FOUND in 2 different magazines.  (One of them was Cosmopolitan, how coincidental.)

I'm not done with this one.  It wants something else.  I'm thinking I might break out my white paint and my chevron (another non-emotional c word there) stencil and do a doodle or two.

It seems the more constrained I feel, the more my inner artist wants to come out and play.

And I love being Crafty.

I see more of these little collages in my future.  Because they are little, and  can do them at my desk with just a pair of scissors and a glue stick for the most part.

And maybe I'll work my way out of this corrosive depression I've fallen into.

Find out more about the ABC challenge.
Click to the list of Emotions that start with C.


  1. Oh, Winona, I do love the way you handled the letter "C" for the ABC Challenge! You showed no constraint, emotional or otherwise! I adore your creative collage of Found poetry.

  2. When I start to feel like I get busy being creative. I need to stay busy. So, I can stay focused. Being creative is a good outlet for that. I hope you feel better soon.

    Getting cranky : I hit the sign out button. Instead of publish button. Had to re-type this.

  3. I loved this! And except for the creative/crafty part...I sure can relate. Unfortunately, you've made me hungry for cookies and I finished the entire pack earlier.


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