Monday, March 2, 2015

Best Writers

I think I might finally be ready to cut ties with Bubblews.  I was an advocate for them for so long.  I kept writing when other people ran away, claiming the site to be a scam.  Now, I've always gotten every payment I've ever asked for, but for 2 months now I've not been able to earn ANYTHING there.  My  balance has not moved off of $24. 

Even worse is that I hardly get any feedback on my posts.  There were some people who ALWAYS commented and I love them for it, but other people would never visit or comment.  Or if they did comment they were not saying anything about what I actually wrote so I know they didn't even read it., I've started writing at Best Writers which was previously known as Elite Visitors (sign up through my referral link!

As best as I can tell the site is newer.  I've seen one person say they were paid, but that is the only payment proof I've found.

They payout is done by PayPal with a minimum payment of $25.

You get paid for views and comments, but your pay rate depends on your user status.  At least that is what the FAQ says.

There is also talk of BP (best points) as a form of micro-payment that you can spend at a store on the site, but that doesn't seem to be live yet.

I have written one post, introducing myself, and got 3 comments.  Right now it says I have $0.06 and 16.00 BP.

I'm going to put as much effort into it as I did into Bubblews when I was most active there (lets say 3 or 4 posts a day) and I'll have to keep you all posted.  I'll share proof of payment if I ever reach payout.

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  1. I better just say good luck and leave it at that. If it's a place where my views, comments and such will count without me being a member then I will visit your posts when I see the links.

    1. You can't comment without being a visitor there. I think your views would count but I'm not 100% sure.


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