Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Broken Pot, A Crushed Spirit

Remember a few days ago when I shared a picture of my sad back yard after a fight with my husband drove me out there.  I was stressed out, and I wanted my yard to be a haven, but it wasn't.

Well, yesterday while planting seeds and watering "gardens" with my son, I decided I was going to do everything in my power to make it a haven for myself.

I can't afford new pots to pretty up my patio, so I was going to take my old weather worn pots and paint them.  Most of my pots are plastic and cracked and not even a coat of paint will help them, so I picked out my favorite terra-cotta pot.  I love it because of its shape.

 I took it inside, and I scrubbed many years of yard dirt off the outside and inside of it.

Then after it had dried I started prepping it to be painted.

Have you ever painted terra cotta?  Unless you seal it it is thirsty and drink up LOTS of paint.  Well, I don't have terra cotta sealer, but I do have gesso.

Last night I put not one, not two, but THREE coats of gesso on the thing.  I was super excited.  I was going to come home tonight and put on a turquose base coat, then I was going to decorate it with spots and stripes.  I was hoping to plant some petunias in it.  Or some moss roses.

Well,  got home from work today and my pot was not where I left it.  The cardboard I painted it on was there, the round white ring where my pot was sitting when I left for work was there, but my pot was gone.

I asked my husband, "Where is my pot?"

"Oh." He said.  "Well, I wanted that hole puncher and it fell.  I don't know how it fell it just did."

That was it.  He didn't offer and apology or anything.

And last night I had been gushing to him about how I was going to paint my old pots since we can't afford new pots, and I was going to make my back yard pretty.

And there is a very LARGE part of me that things he broke it on purpose.

I went out back to pick the next pot, but they are all the hideous cracked plastic ones.  Nothing can make them pretty, and any spark of inspiration I had is gone now.

So, just like that my excitement and dreams of trying to pretty up my back yard with what I have on hand have been shattered into a million pieces....just like what used to be my favorite pot.


  1. I have the strong feeling that my husband is also less and less interested in what makes me happy anymore too. Hard to believe yours was so non-chalant about breaking it like it wasn't a big deal.
    Maybe both of us need to figure out our husband situation.

    1. Oh, I have my husband figured out. He's 100% self centered. So much that he doesn't even REALIZE it. If it doesn't directly effect him in some way its not even on his radar.

  2. Your husband's action sounds like denied anger, anger he can't articulate. Couples counseling seems warranted. In the meantime, keep your eye out for another pot. Garage sales and the like.

    1. My husband agreeing to counseling is about as likely to happen as my actually getting to go to a garage sale.

  3. I am sorry your pot was broke. Check out Pinterest. I have seen where people have created things out of broken pots. Still use them to garden in. Here is a link to some : I am hoping they can give you some ideas for broken pots.

    1. I've seen neat thing to do with broken pots, but this on wasn't just broken, it was shattered. I had lots of little terra cotta shards and thats it.


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