Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pizza for Supper

My husband made a pizza for supper.  Normally that would be good.  I mean, his pizzas can get a little on the so soggy you have to eat it with a spoon side, but its got cheese and peperoni on my side so its eatable.

Now, he's not a pizza chef.  He makes Chef Boyardee pizzas. It is a kit that comes with a dough mix, a can of pizza sauce and a small pack of Parmesan cheese. 

Now it is my understanding that you are supposed to add toppings to this.  You are supposed to add your own grated cheese and any meats or veggies you might want.

That is not the way he eats it. 

My husband simply eats the cheese that comes with it.  That is why he doesn't understand why I'm protesting him making pizza since I have NOTHING to put on it.  I have like a tiny teaspoon of grated cheese left.

My half of the pizza is the one lacking toppings.

See, hubby doesn't even LIKE what I call "real" cheese.  He is happy eating pizza sauce flavored bread.  He sprinkles the parmasan on top, but it disappears into the sauce which he SLATHERS on (thus the whole eating it with a spoon thing).  And he's perfectly okay with that.  He considers that a GOOD pizza.

So he's doing the same thing to my half of the pizza and thinks it is good enough.

Maybe he is right.  Here is an actual retro ad which looks nothing like the fake pizza on the box cover these days but is totally what this pizza looks like when you don't add toppings.

I told him I might as well slather ketchup on a piece of white bread.

Yep, here is my supper.  The yellow color you see is NOT cheese, it is the crust showing though sauce.  If you look at the large image and see grainy looking stuff, that is the so called "cheese" on this pizza.

I could drink the sauce off with a straw.  Guess I should just think of it as tomato soup with the crackers built in.

To look at the bright side it is WORLDS better than nothing at all, which is what a lot of people will be having tonight.

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