Monday, February 23, 2015

Mr. Sandman Review

If you like your science fiction to come with a crime drama plus a little genetic research, and a lot of spontaniously combusting pets, then  Mr. Sandman, a novel by Lyle Howard is totally the right book for you.

This novel is about Lance Cutter.  Born from a biological experiment, neither he nor his mother were meant to live.  But they did live, until a tragic plane crash later in his life.

This novel reads like it is 2 seperate stories, in 3 parts.  The 1st 3rd parts would be about the genetic creation and government hunt for Lance Cutter.

The 2nd part is the meatiest part (and in my opinion the best part of the novel) in which Cutter is an arson investigator who is investigating the very unlikely incidents happening in which pets, and the people holding them, are spontaneously combating all over the place!

Other than when it comes in handy for him to see in the dark, the genetically altered part of Lance Cutter plays no part in the main plot of this story, but I was very much drawn into it.

Then the crime is solved, the bad guy is captured, and part 3 of the story starts.  After all these years of being thought dead, the government finds Lance Cutter over one article in a newspaper once he solved his *exploding poodle problem.

In the 3rd act another player is introduced which took a turn I really didn't see coming.  I would have loved to have seen that character introduced earlier, and to somehow be woven more into Cutter's adult life all along, instead of just poofing in during the climax.

I can only rate this 4 stars though.  While I found the stories entertaining, the overuse of simile in the writing made the story itself almost laughable occasionally.  I also feel like the 3 parts could have been much better tied together somehow.  How did Cutter and his mother survive and escape the aftermath of his birthday explosion?  If his mother knew enough to run and hide after his birth, why would she have gone back to the government looking for help to begin with?  If the government knew so much about his special abilities why would they ever have considered him dead?  They would have kept looking forever, or until they found a body, whatever came firs. Questions like those kept me from giving it better marks.

*There were no actual exploding poodles in the book...I made that part up.

(I received a free copy of this book from for the purpose of this review.  All the thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.  I have also posted this review on and goodreads)

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  1. Not sure this sounds like a book for me, but I have read ones that are similar.


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