Sunday, January 4, 2015

Share a Link Sunday - 1/4/15

Happy Sunday friends!

Sorry I'm a little later today getting the linky up.  I had to go to that pesky real world job of mine.

As for the linky, we had 10 links last week!  There were return linkers AND new linkers!

Thank you all for sharing your work with us!

Now, we had 10 links last week, we had 75 views, but we only had 15 clicks!  So, if you link up, or even if you LOOK at the link up I urge you to click on a link or two!  Surely at least one of them must sound super interesting to someone!

If you click a link and you REALLY like it, then I urge you to social share it.  Share it on Facebook, on twitter, on G+ or on tsu.  Whatever your comfortable with.  My ultimate goal for this linky is to get EVERYONE more views and comments, and the more we spread the links around the more of all the above we will get!

1. Link
2. Click
3. Share!

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