Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rain, Rain, Rain, and the Flu too?

Rat under Mushroom Postcard

The Sky is Falling

The sun forgot to come out today.  I woke up to dark skys and the sound of water pouring off the corners of my house.

It made me think of my childhood home.  We had a tin roof.  There is something a little big magical about the sound of rain on a tin roof.

The sound of pecans and limbs falling onto a tin roof is less magical, but a price that had to be paid.

I don't generally mind the rain.  As long as there is no thunder and lightning, no threat of tornados or of the power going out, I think rain can be good.

What am I saying, of COURSE rain can be good.  It has a major place in the world.  There would BE no world without rain.

Later in the day it stopped raining but stayed grey.

That is the part that I don't like.  I don't like long grey hours where the sky is heavy but nothing falls out of it.  Low cloud cover is oppressive and depressive to me.

EVEN LATER in the day I realized I was getting sick.  I blame the low cloud cover of course.

No, not really, I blame the sick co-workers.  There have been a few of them now.

So when I got home tonight I started taking everything even remotely resembling a vitamin in the house, including drinking OJ and V8.

Now, if I could only get a full nights sleep so my body can get the rest it needs to fight the infection before it settles in.  Too bad its not possible to occasionally pause motherhood.  lol


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