Thursday, January 1, 2015

Noner's Resolutions 2015

Doing a little New Year Cleaning. (Jan. 1, 2015)
I meant to have an epic post about my new years resolutions, but I epically procrastinated, and if I don't do this now then it ain't gonna happen.  So....

Here are the things I resolve to do (in no particular order)


I like nature.  I like trees and grass.  I like birds and squirrels.  Granted I live in a place where there are more houses and cars than there are trees and grass.  But still, there is a tiny bit of nature in my own back yard, and I should go out there more.

So, I hope to make some flowers survive in some pots this spring and make my back patio a nicer place, somewhere I'd like to spend more time.

Parker will also enjoy more time spent outdoors, and I'm sure Spencer will too, if he ever starts walking.


And here I use the word "ART" to define all creative endeavors.  I want to make more altered art collages.  I want to write more.  More fiction and more bad poetry as well as my writing.  I want to take more photos and pretend to be good at it.

This creating of more things will work hand in hand with #4.


That one kind of speaks for itself.

I'm going to keep trying to be a teeny-tiny itty-bitty less pessimistic this year than last year.

I'm going to try to think happy thoughts, and I'm going to try to do a daily gratitude list either in my journal or in a blog every night.


I hardly sold anything in 2014, but that is hardly the buyers fault.  See, I pretty much listed nothing for sale in 2014.  So, in 2015 I plan to put my etsy store to some use.  And some of that art I'm creating will be all over Zazzle as well.

You can't sell it if you don't list it.


My depression is getting worse.  (Like, suicidal thoughts kind of worse)  I'm going to look into more natural ways to combat it.

I still need to get my blood pressure down before I go back to the doctor around May/June so he doesn't demand that I go on blood pressure meds.

That goes hand in hand with continuing the weight loss journey I started in September of 2014.

At the risk of sounding like a generic resolution  maker, THIS is going to be the year that I DROP at least 50 of the 100 pounds I need to get rid of.

So there we go, 5 resolutions.  Not ones that will be super hard to keep up with.  Lets see what good things 2015 can bring me!


  1. I like your blog Nona, particularly your logo. It was that sort of thinking I was brought up with! :0) I'm not setting resolutions as such, but I am aiming to change my actions and improve my thinking this year, so I'm with you on being more positive and less - well less. So I want to work with gratitude more too. Fingers crossed we can all support each other and get the help we need to have a wonderful 2015.

  2. Spending time outdoors with nature should help with the other things you plan to accomplish this year.

  3. I'm already blowing my goal of promoting my etsy and other shops more! I even finished a rug to list on the 1st but here is still sits, not being listed.

  4. Love your resolutions. Being outdoors more is wonderful and working to being more healthy is a great goal. Yes promote your work! Would be great to see it. I find its important to set goals and to review them every so often. Some once a month , some less but its good to see the distance traveled and what we need to do to achieve it. I do think the one you have about being kind to yourself is vital too. I wish you a wonderful 2015!


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