Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thinking About Books

So tonight I've been thinking about the stack of books I have on my bedside table and how I really, really REALLY need to review them.

I've also been thinking about starting a niche blog for book reviews and book related stuff.

I've also been thinking that I would love to monotize said theoretical blog but...

The easiest thing by far would be to use amazon afiliate links, but last time I did that on a blog blogger shut it down and said it was spam, which sort of sucked.

Currently I've been writing most of my book reviews on Daily Two Cents which has been getting me some views, and by getting me some views has been earning me some pennies. 

BUT....while I'm gaurenteed some dough by writing there Im also a wee bit constrained by their rules.  I'm okay with that really, they are not harsh rules...

But I still sort of very much want my own book blog.

So I'm thinking...I shoudl start the blog.  But what if they shut it down?  That woudl suck!
Then don't use affiliate links.
But I want to make money!
Then keep putting them on DTC.
But I can't really make it MINE there.
Then find another blog host than blogger.
But I really like how customizable blogger is!

And so on and so fort and dum-de-de-doo-dah.

Maybe if I have enough non-amazon posts in there between actual reviews then I won't get dumped as spam.  Like, sometimes I have affiliate links here, but sometimes I don't.

Meanwhile, if I do start a book blog and it gets deleted then I can always go back to writing the reviews at DTC.

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