Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paker Made Me Sad (Yes, Again)

I had been on a roll blogging every night, but ended up missing last night because the internet was acting wonky.  I don't like wonky internet.  It makes me cranky.

I did get out of bed this morning with the intention of writing a post here, but ended up playing farmville instead.  Then I watched Maleficent with my husband.

Parker spent a lot of time playing with his brother today, but broke my heart tonight.

He asked his dad if he would be there in the morning.  Putting him to bed I asked, "Do you like the mornings when daddy is home?"  he said yes.

"What do you like," I asked him.  "Do you like watching cartoons with him."

He replied, "I like it better than the days you are stuck with me."

Another confirmation that I'm certainly NOT the kids favorite parent.

It comes with being the one who is not all fun and games.  I'm the one who gives the medicine.  I'm the one who make him do the learning that he hates.  I'm the one that takes his games away, while his dad is the one who spends entire days sometimes not doing anything put playing video games with him.

I try to get him to do other fun things, but the kid doesn't seem to like any kind of arts and crafts.  If its not a game system he doesn't want anything to do with it.

Meanwhile, I got his teeth brushed, got him in bed, and read him part of a Scooby Doo comic book a a "bedtime story."


I've been trying to use more today.  So far I've earned one penny.  Tsu is like facebook but pays you to share things.  If you'd like to join its invite only.  HERE'S AN INVITE.

I also spent an hour or two creating this today (not just the image silly...the whole post)
Click me, I'm a link!
So, I put together a collection of items I liked, and added a linky to it.  Thus the first ever Handmade Shop Hop was born.  I would LOVE for any of you to add a link to the linky on Arts Crafts and Coffee this week!

On DTC I posted about a Father Stopping a Kidnapping.

On Bubblews I wrote a post called Hot Bath Therapy which turned out not to be much about the title at all.  I also wrote one called The New Learning Center, which actually was about the new learning center. 


  1. I just read your Hot Bath Therapy post on Bubblews. I´m &conev there. Thought I´d let you know that I haven´t been doing as much on Bubblews since the pay dropped so much and several us from Bubblews have been checking out a new site called It´s more like FB in format, but you also get paid for everything you do. If you´re interested in checking it out, you can use my code to get in You can contact me there at @conev or you can email me at if you have questions.

    1. I'm already on tsu actually. I've only earned 3 cents. I have found a creative community there, but I doubt I'll ever earn enough for a payout. I still earn faster at Bubblews than I do at anywhere else I write at.


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