Sunday, November 2, 2014

Babies are Sleep Theives

When I was pregnant with my first child, Parker, people told me, "Get all the sleep you can now, because you will never sleep again."

This is apparently advice that is given to all first time moms.   As advice goes its also pretty good advice.  I mean, when I was pregnant I was tired all the time.  Sleep seemed like a pretty darn good option.

My son, however, was not a diabolically evil baby who decided to keep me up at all hours.

Sure, the first couple of months were a little rough, but once we realized he was lactose intollerant and switched formulas we stopped the horrible tummy aches and got him sleeping through the night.  ALL the way through the night, as a very, very, VERY early age.

He did wake up pretty hungry in the mornings, usually around 6:30, but I'd had a good amount of sleep by then.

When Spencer was born he was  a little different.  That kid likes to eat, and he woke up several times a night for the first several months demanding that a nipple of one kind or another be put in his mouth.  But he'd usually conk right back out after the bottle was was empty.

He was also sleeping through the nights after just a few months though.

What all of that goes to proove is that parents do still get to sleep, if they have god babies.

The downside to having good babies who sleep through the night is that on the nights that they are restless for any reason - maybe they are sick, maybe they napped too late and are just awake - you are TOTALLY unprepared for the sleeplessness.

Spencer is always such a serious boy.
Last night around 12:30, Spencer woke up.  And he woke up again and again and again.  4 or 5 times before we quit even trying to put him back in his crib.

I don't think it helped that his sleepy time musical pull toy wasn't working.  It was only plinking out one note every few seconds, and not giving the full lullaby effect.  (Though it's working its way through a second baby, I guess it deserves a slow re-wind now and again)

He didn't appear to be feeling ill.  No fever, no snots.  His rash is back on his tummy but he didn't seem to be bothered by it.  He MIGHT be teething (Almost a year old and he doesn't have a tooth in that sweet mouth yet) but I don't feel anything trying to cut through the gum.

I even thought, "Maybe he's cold" even though he was wearing his thick fleece camo jammies and had a warm blankie.  I tried putting him in my super warm and cozy bed.  That just made him cry some more.

I think he was just AWAKE.  Like, "why in the name of all that is fun are you putting me to bed?  Stop putting me to bed, I want to PLAY!"

So, around 4 we put in a Spongebob DVD for him, gave him a super full bottle of nice warm freshly made formula, plopped him in his playpen and hoped for the best.

I don't know what time he finally gave it up and went to sleep, but at least he was quiet after that so I was able to get about 3 hours of sleep before work called and woke me up.

So, don't worry.  If you are a new parent or a parent to be, you WILL get to sleep again. You will even get to sleep IN again.  But you should be prepared and know that just when you think you're gonna get the best night sleep ever and even get an extra hour because of daylight savings time, THAT is when your little one will stay awake all night, with a vengance.

But at least they are super cute, and all that time awake gives you more time to cuddle.
Or something like that.

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