Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY Trick or Treat Bag Ideas

DIY Trick or Treat Bag Ideas
"Trick or Treat!  Smell my feet!  Give me something Good to eat.  If you don't, I don't care, I'll pull down your underwear!"

That's right kids, its almost time again for that one night of the year where kids can throw caution out of the window and actually Take Candy From Strangers!  Well, most people recommend only taking candy from people you know, in your neighborhood.  I for one figure that is someone is going to do bad things to candy, they won't much care if you are from their neighborhood or not.  Plus...YOUR strangers as someone elses neighbors.

Regardless of whose house you beg for candy at you are going do need one thing for sure.

You are going to need a Trick or Treat Bag to carry your loot in!

Now, there are no halloween laws that say you can't do your Trick or Treating with a grocery bag (paper or plastic), an empty pillow case, or anything else, but its just plain CUTE to have a halloween themed bag.  Or even one to match your costume!

Here are a few Spooktacular DIY Treat Bags to give you a few ideas.

1. Crochet Candy Corn Trick or Treat Bag

DIY Crochet Candy Corn Trick or Treat Bag

Here is an amazingly cute crochet trick or treat bag shaped like candy corn!  You can get the pattern for free from Craftaholics Anonymous.

2.  Duck Tape Spider Web Trick or Treat Bag

DIY Duck Tape Spider Web Trick or Treat Bag
 There is no denying that spiders and spider webs are plenty spooky!  You can use the instructions at Michael's Crafts website to create this bag out of crafting essentials, like duck tape, pom-poms and pipe cleaners!

3.  Painted Canvas Trick or Treat Bags

This video goes to show that a plain canvas bag, some puffy paint, and a little spooky thinking can create a wonderful trick or treat bag to catch your halloween candy.

4.  Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bag

Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bag

Sticking with the canvas bag and paint theme, if its good enough for your pumpkin it should be good enough for your candy right?  I saw this one pinned here, but the link out was no good -pout-

Well, there you go, 5 Ideas of Trick or Treat bags that you can do yourself, so that your Candy Bag can be just as awesome as your Costume this Halloween.

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