Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sex Tape and Blog Blues

Today my son spent most of the day with his Nanna, so my husband and I decided to watch a movie that we couldn't normally watch with him around.

I would have rather had a SAW marathon, but hubby wanted to watch Sex Tape which he found hilarious but I found lacking in LOLs as far as adult humor goes. 

Meanwhile my husband, who is vaguley aware that I have something called a blog, asks me, "You can sell a blog for real money?"

All of a sudden blogging became totally interesting to him, until I pointed out that you could, but it had to be an interesting and popular blog.

"I'll never be selling my blog," I told him, "Because I never do anything.  All I write is 'Today I sold a crap-ton of craft supplies.  After that I watched a crap-ton of tv!' and that doesn't sell."

After that I got kind of pouty.  Like "I wanna write about my husbands erection and have a children's toy company want to buy my blog for sponsorship!"  (As you read that sentence, remember I had just watched a movie called Sex Tape...there was bound to be an erection involved somewhere.)

So I'm all pouty and wanting to be the kind of blog that ends up in Artful Blogging magazine, but I know that will enver happen because 1.) The blogs in those magazines are full of beautiful photos, and really, have you seen the house I live in?  Have you seen the quality of my photography. The two don't add up to beautful photos.

And 2) You ahve to be 100% family friendly to be in those magazines, and I'm sitting here typing away about a movie called Sex Tape, and I've used the word erection 3 times now.

Chances that Americana or Deco Color are going to hit me up for sponsored bloggage is slim to none.

The chances of me saying erection one more time, just because I can, is far higher.

And THAT, my friends, is why I'll never be a "professional" blogger.

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