Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Noner's Got a Grumpy Fish

Today I got a new friend.

Yep, I have another betta fish.  I took him in from a friend who had to move suddenly.

She wanted to take her betta with her, but decided to ask me if I could take care of him instead of taking him to another state with her.

He's an older fish.  She said he's about 3 years old.  His name is Red Fish Blue Fish.  She said her children gave him that name because when they first got him they were not sure what color he is.

Now he is predominately purple.  But his name is still fitting because red and blue together make Purple after all.

I've been calling him Grumpy Fish all day, because he doesn't seem to like me much.  Every time I go near his tank he flares his gills at me.

He's not very active, liking to lounge near his plant or beside his moss rock.

But that's okay.  He's an older gentleman after all.  

Here, to celebrate the second betta fish in my house, is a coloring page of two betta fish swimming with each other.  (Which is something we all know that betta fish shouldn't do in real life.  They call them Siamese FIGHTING fish for a reason.)

I found this fish image at http://www.tattooparadise.info/page30_1.html

If you like this coloring Page you can find more on my Clip Art and Coloring Pages board on Pinterest.

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