Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall is in the Air

Fall is a cleansing time of year for me.
I can feel it.  A small bit of chill where heat and humidity were just yesterday.

I LOVE fall.  I always have.  I love cooler weather in general, but there is something in the Atmosphere of Autumn.  An electricity that charges and re-charges me when I set foot into it.

Right now this Autumn Energy is speaking to me about my sense of creativity.

When my second son was born it was an amazing experience and a perfect addition to my family. 

It also brought with it a sense of quiet defeat.

See, he needed a room, and the only room we had to spare was my office/craft room.  A room I had only recently been able to claim.

So my craft supplies were scattered throughout the house, and with it went most of my desire to create.  Not just artist creativity, but my writing too.

Sometimes the desire would strike, but with a lack of views and even bigger lack of comments, it seemed easier to just...

Not.  Not write.  Not create.  Not share.  Why bother?


Its time for a makeover!

For THIS blog I'm trying to decide to either delete it and start fresh, or just give it a new look/feel.  I don't have many readers, but I do have a few and I'd hate to leave ya'll in the dark, so I'm looking mostly at a reboot.

I have other blogs as well though!
I do Random Animals, which is all about...well, random animals.
I write for DailyTwoCents as well.
AND I'm giving serious thought to resurrecting my writing blog which has been inactive for many many years, but NaNoWriMo is right around the corner!

I have other blogs I've started over the years, but I'm not sure if I want to absorb them into my main blog here, or should I keep lots of little blog offshoots, to have more "niche" blogs instead of one all inclusive one.

You, as my reader, what would you like for me to do?

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