Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY Recycled Bookmarks

I was looking for a simple little craft to do today while my husband and son played video games.

I like to read, but I have a BAD habit of dog-earring the corners of book pages.  I do have a few bookmarks, even some wonderful ones made by friends, but there never seems to be ENOUGH bookmarks.

Also, most of the books I read are library books, and I have a slight phobia that I'll leave my precious bookmarks in a book when I return it.  I start off with a torn bit of paper in a library book, but it ends up fluttering away, and then I fold those corners too!

A craft book I read recently called  The Crafty Diva's DIY Stylebook had a craft in there that was making your own bookmark, and its a simple process.  I didn't follow their pattern exactly, but I did use it to inspire me to make some bookmarks.  And for these it won't matter if they get left in a library book!  In fact I might leave them in there on purpose!


thin cardboard (think cereal box)
old magazines or comic books
glue sticks
packing tape or clear contact paper
standard hole punch
thin ribbon
beads or charms (optional)


Cut some rectangles out of old cereal boxes. 
A size of 1.5 inches by 6 inches is a good size that will fit well in most any book.  (my bookmarks for this project are 2 inches by 5.5 inches because of the size of the box I started with.  They turned out just a smidge too wide for my packing tape.)


Find an image from an old magazine, or comic book, that you really like.  Cut it to the same size, or slightly larger, than your cardboard.

I used a full page ad for Shadow of Mordor to make my bookmark.


Glue the WRONG side of the paper of your choice to one side of your cardboard rectangle.  Let the glue dry, then trim off any paper that might be hanging over the edge.

You want to glue the cardboard to the BACK of the image you want to see.
You can also glue a coordinating image to the back, or leave the back blank if you'd prefer.


Sandwich your bookmark between two layers of packing tape or clear contact paper.  This will make your bookmark more durable and long lasting.  Do this carefully, if you have to tear the tape back off it will probably tear your paper.

Trim around the bookmark cutting the tape close, but not right against the cardboard.


Use your hole punch to punch a hole at the top of your bookmark

Run a short length of ribbon through the hole.  Add a bead or charm to the top of this ribbon if you'd like.

VIOLA.....You've made a cute (well, mine is not eactly "cute" but you get the idea) bookmark mostly from re-purposed materials.  That means no more bending the corners of books anymore, but I still won't have to worry about losing the bookmarks.

Here is the FRONT of my bookmark.  The main image from the magazine ad.

And here is the BACK of my bookmark, taken from a different section of the same ad.  I even cut one word off of the title to glue on, it shows what the image is from AND serves double duty to hide some text in that corner that didn't look good when it was showing.

If you make one of these bookmarks I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it.  You can link to an image in my comments, or join my facebook group I MADE A THING.

Or do both!  I love seeing the crafts other people make.

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  1. You know, this is a much better way than I have been. I usually print them on card stock and then use the clear contact paper.
    With this method I can have lots of choices to personalize them.


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