Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nature in the City - (Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday

Every morning my Mother in law and I load the kids up in their strollers, and we go for a walk.  Twice around the neighborhood is a mile.

I prefer to walk in nature, and t first glance there is not a lot of nature in the city.  I feel more like I'm walking down the center of a speedway track instead of the great outdoors. But sometimes, if you look a little harder, there is a little, here and there.

One day this week I gathered a few natural things that caught my eye on my walk, even if my son and mother in law though I was nuts.

A red leaf with black spots I found to be pretty.  A mushroom that had fallen to the ground from high up in a pine tree.  A twig, also from a pine tree, with two small pine cones still on.  And the carcass of a yellow butterfly, laying at the foot of my mother in laws driveway.


  1. When I walk my son would often stop at things and I will find out that they are bugs, twigs or snails. He finds the most interesting natural things! And like you he sometimes bring them home =) #ww

    1. My son actually CRIED when I stopped to pick up the pinecone twig. He didn't want me to bring the things home.

  2. Nice shot interesting too :-)

    Have a butterflytastic week & thanks for flying by

  3. I like the way you arranged your nature finds! I live in the country and I'm surrounded by nature. But sometimes I fear I'm missing out on life!

  4. No matter where or when I walk outdoors I find that there's always something to catch your eye. We just have to be aware and open our eyes to see and appreciate it.
    Natures wonderful!
    Waving this morning from a misty bonnie Scotland

  5. True not much in a big city, but my kids always seem to find something to pack into their pockets!


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