Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September

Goodbye August.
Hello September.

I love new months.  Firsts.  First days.  New weeks.  New.

It is almost midnight.  I'm tired.  I'm not going to sleep.  I'll toss.  I'll turn.  I'll lose candy crush because that is what I do instead of sleeping.

If I turn off lights, distractions, my brain goes into action.

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.

Each tomorrow a thing full of dread and horrors and...

Beautiful, beautiful smiles.  Beautiful laughter.  Beautiful kisses from beautiful children.

And nightmares.

And daydreams.

And tomorrow I will get up and I will eat, and I will walk, and I will type and the year will keep turning.

Goodbye August.  Hello September, then October, then November.

Soon a little boy turns one.

Soon a new year will come.

Soon I will turn off the light and lay in bed, and lose candy crush because that is what I do, instead of sleep.

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