Monday, August 18, 2014

Ingrid Michaelson Girls Chase Boys - Music Monday

Today I discovered Ingrid Michaelson.  Watching other videos on Youtube I was suggested I watch Girls Chase Boys.

Here, you watch it too!

And I thought it was amazing.  Except for the part where every last freaking man in this video is better looking than me.  Like....dude, stop being a sexier woman than I'll ever be please!

The song isn't bad either.  I listened to it about a dozen times, not counting the initial time when I watching the video.  I had it playing in the background while typing this up actually.

The hate in the comments of this video is disgusting though.  I hate hate!  Maybe they are all just jealous that these men are better looking women than the actual women they know.

Meanwhile, this video is actually a tribute to another video.  Imagine that!

If you have EVER heard 80s music, then chances are very good that you know the song, "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Palmer.

Have you ever seen the video for Simply Irresistible?  No?  Well here you go:

See, if you felt like "Girls Chase Boys" made you question your sexuality, then you should feel okay after watching that one right?  Its back to objectifying women....just like music videos are supposed to.

Now...I just wish I was Tech Savvy enough to put Ingrild Michaelson's song over Robert Palmer's video. Then maybe people would actually LISTEN to the song instead of spreading their homophobic hate all over the video......

Meanwhile, if you are like me and actually listened to the music, you can purchase both Girls Chase Boys by Ingril Michaelson AND "Simply Irresistible" by Robert Palmer on Amazon. "

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