Sunday, July 27, 2014

Can Summer Be Over Now?

Autumn in my power season.  There is just something about the air during the autum months that fill me with an extra charge.  I feel like I can take on anything and everything.

Sadly, it is not currently autumn.  It is, in fact, Summer.

A lot of people like summer.  The world is full of "OMG!  BEACHES AND BARBECUES AND BIKINIS!"  And I'm over here laying like a slug in front of my fan going, "Ugh, its to HOT to MOVE!"

I'm not a fan of heat.  You see, even in the winter I sleep with a fan blowing on me.  I covet cool.  In summer, there is no cool to be found.  Even indoors with the AC on and a fan blowing on me I'll be sweaty and uncomfortable.

Summer is the kryptonite to my get up and go.

Take this very blog entry for example.  I started writing it around 5:30 pm.  It is now 10:12 pm.

What did I do during those hours.  Well, I had supper, washed dishes, and fed the kid.  But other than that I did a whole lot of NOTHING.

I had plans for today.  They included getting some projects finished to go in my shop.  I've done exactly 0 projects.

Having done 0 projects also explains why I'm making 0 dollars from my etsy these days.

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