Monday, June 2, 2014

Clothes in Strength and Dignity

Its June 1st.  My birthday month has officially kicked in.

Just 21 more days now before I turn another year older.

I'm doing Journal writing challenge in June.

The Smashing Art Writing challenge (SAW C) challenges you to create 30 pices of art in the month of June.  It doesn't have to be one every single day....just 30 total.

There is a FACEBOOK GROUP for it if you want to join in.  You know you want to, it will be so fun!

Anyway, the pretty little picture right there is my #1 out of 30.

Its pretty simple.  Watercolor pencils smeared all over the page.  Images printed out of the computer.  Flowers from the Buck Bin of a craft store, and a glue stick to hold the whole thing together.

The image of the woman came from a wonderful woman who I've known online for many years.  Talula (who also just happens to be the SAW C host) creates and sells amazing digi stamps.  Check out the Talula Girl Facebook page to see more of  her amazing digi designs.

(I posted these on my residual income sites today.  Take a look.  Social share them if you like them, and help me earn some pennies at no cost to you!)

BLOGGING WITHOUT A NICHE - The title sort of says it all.

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