Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tick tock goes the clock

Time is speeding by much too fast today.

Tomorrow we leave for vacation.  My MIL is staying with the baby, and we are taking Parker to Disney.

I need to be focusing on packing and making sure I have everything I need for myself and a 4 year old for several days out of state.  Its not like we can just run back to the house if we forget something.

However, work has had me on 3 LONG closing shifts on the last 3 days before I leave.  That means I'm leaving not long after breakfast, and not getting back to my house until after 10.

I'm having to leave much of the packing to my husband.  I just hope he doesn't forget anything important!

I also hope that I don't forget anything important as I scramble around late tonight and early in the morning trying to get the last minute stuff packed.


All the things that made me happy/smile today.
  1. Spencer touching my face while he's eating.
  2. Parker "helping" me give Spencer a bath.

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