Sunday, May 25, 2014

Share a Link Sunday - 5/25/14

Happy Sunday again my friends!  Sorry I've not kept up with this link up.  It gets sad and lonely when I'm the only one who ever posts anything!

I enjoy viewing the lenses, blogs and articles you share in my link up, and would love it for more people to share in the fun.

It saves the trouble of me having to surf the web if you bring it to me!

Remember, anything you write yourself is welcome here, and you can share up to two links every week.

I was trying to "feature" one link from each link up, but when nobody links up its hard to have a featured one, so unless things pick up I'm going to do away with that part.

Meanwhile, add a link or two in the linky below.  Then SHARE THIS BLOG.  I know you have a facebook.  A twitter.  A G+.  Just because I don't want social sites in this linky doesn't mean it can be socially shared.  Help get the word out!

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