Friday, May 23, 2014

In Which No Poop is Involved


Spencer is sick.  The poor baby boy has caught the snots from his big brother.

It is funny how brothers can be so different, and how those differences are even apparant in an infant.

When Parker got sick he was always pitiful.   He still is.  He gets the sniffles and acts like he's dying.

Spencer is just ticked off that he's sick.  He gets mad when he sneezes.  He gets mad when we try to clean up his snot.  You can hear it in the tone of his cry.


It was a closing night, but thankfully only semi busy.  Nobody called me horrible names, and there wasn't a pile of poop in the bathroom so all in all it was an easy night.

Its kind of sad that I have to judge how good or bad my day at work is based on whether or not cursing or poop is involved.

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