Sunday, May 25, 2014

In Which A Man Wears a T-rex Costume


I never did get to see a meteor last night.  I sat outside for a while, looking at the sky until my neck and back started killing me.  Knowing my luck they started raining down just as soon as I gave up and went back inside.

My e-mail told me I had 3 comments on yesterday's post, but it was a false alarm.  They were all spam.

So I'm thinking about activating the captcha on my blog.  Now, I know that people hate captchas and it even makes some people NOT leave comments.  But since I don't get any comments to begin with it won't be hurting many peoples feelings.  And I won't be getting my hopes up over spam either.

In theory.

Tonight after the kids went to bed I didn't come back here and hop online immediately.  Svengoolie was on, and Robert asked me to watch it with him. hosts a classic horror movie every Saturday night on MeTV.  Tonight's movie was "The Land Unknown" in which 4 people are trapped in a tropical canyon which just happens to be in the middle to the antarctic.  It also happens to be full of dinosaurs.

Its and old movie, so the dinosaurs in question are a man in a costume, and a kimono dragon.

As far as classic black and white horror flicks go, it didn't suck.  I could even almost overlook the female lead fainting every time a creature showed up.  I watched it with almost no regrets.

I say almost no regrets because of the commercial.  The one freaking commercial that MeTV must have played 4 or 5 times during every commercial break.  The freaking memorial day car sale commercial that would not die!


Dear Customer,

For the love of god, just give me your e-mails.  Stop telling me, "No, that's fine."  Its not fine.  I'm tired of getting "the talk" because I'm not getting enough e-mail sign ups.

I don't even care if its YOUR e-mail.  Give me your exs e-mail.  Give me your bosses e-mail.  Just give me SOMETHING please!

The small things that made me smile today.

1.  Lots of super cute babies at work today.  I love babies.
2.  Getting to work with Misti for a while today.  I love Misti.
3.  Not having to go to work tomorrow.  I love not  having to go to work tomorrow.

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