Monday, May 26, 2014

I chibied myself!

Isn't she adorable!  Of course she is.  She's a chibi me.  Or rather, a chibi of the inner me, cause the real me isn't nearly that cute.

I made her today while the baby was sleeping and my husband was watching a movie.

I made her using Doll Divine's Chibi Maker.

It was a ton of fun.  In fact, it was so much fun that I want YOU to make a chibi you and share it with me!

Visit the Chibi Maker, then share your creation with me at the Noner Says facebook page.

Why should you do this?  Just because its FUN!


Monday is almost over and that makes me sad.

That's right, I'm sad that it is coming to and end.  I'm not like most people.  I don't go all happy crazy over TGIF, and I don't dread Mondays.

That is because I don't have a weekend usually.

I got lucky this week though.  I had Sunday and Monday off.  Two days in a row!  It doesn't come without a price though.  I'll be working at least the next 5 days (if not longer) without a day off.

I didn't get anything done that I wanted to during my "weekend."  I'm sure a lot of people have that problem though.

The  boys and I went to Target with my MIL today.  She needed more hamburger meat, and wanted to buy a bathing suit for Parker.  She also got him a bubble machine which is pretty awesome except it runs out of bubbles super fast.  She got a toy for Spencer too.  A "piano" that plays songs when you hit the keys.

Not just ANY songs though.  It plays songs like "Love Song" and "We Didn't Start the Fire."  I guess in hopes that the parents don't go nuts and throw the thing out the door if the baby plays with it too long.

Actually, the baby only played with it a little.  Parker played with it A LOT!

Speaking of Target.... It was a cloudy day when we went it, and we thought it might rain later.

When we came out it was POURING.  My MIL went to get the car and pull it up.  There is no cover at the front of the store so I got soaked getting the kids in the car.  Somehow, despite the downpour, the boys managed to stay mostly dry.  I guess the powers that be covered them with a mystical umbrella or something.

Parker kept asking to go out and play in the rain.  If we had been at home I would have let him.  I remember how fun it can be to play in the rain.  As grown ups we hate it.  As a 4 year old boy he would have been in HEAVEN.

The small things that made me smile today.

1.  The tiny little grasshopper that hitched a ride on my arm.
2.  Spencer playing with the bedroom curtain.
3.  Getting caught in the rain.
4.  The bliss of a mid-day bath, with the sound of gently falling rain and singing tree frogs.

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