Thursday, May 22, 2014

33 Days Until I'm 33!

Good evening to my wonderful friends!  Each and every one of you make my day every time you visit my humble little slice of the internet.  I get even more excited when you leave a comment, so don't be shy!  If you wanna comment, go right ahead!


My birthday is only a month away!  ONE MONTH!

I'm getting older every year, isn't it a shame?!?

But not really.  Like I told a customer at work the other day, "I'm never ashamed of my age on my birthday.  I've worked hard and earned every year of it."

Even though my birthday is never really "celebrated" in the usual sense of the word, it still is a special day for ME.  I ask for it off of work every year, and treat it like my own personal New Years, complete with resolutions (which last about as long as the resolutions people make on Jan. 1)

Counting Today (May 21) there are 33 days until I turn 33.

Bring it on.

The small things that made me smile today.

1.  Spencer getting excited every time his big brother came in the room.
2.  Getting to sleep late today.  Later than has been heard of since the baby was born.
3.  My MIL came over for supper with us tonight.

We've already established that I'm old, so this awesome Fun Retro Cassette Tape Wristlet Purse
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1.  Exercise for the Morbidly Obese - When dealing with exercise, obesity and the internet, the cyber bullies are sure to come out and play.


  1. Happy Birthday, I am almost 50 we should not be ashamed of our age.

    1. Thank you! Its still a month before I reach the big day, but I agree. We sould NEVER be ashamed of our age.


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