Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tired of Constant Bickering

It is creeping up on midnight, and I'm avoiding sleep again.  I had another crazy day at work and I'm all stressed out and stressed out and, did I mention I was stressed out.

Fighting with the husband a little again too.  It exhausting to constantly be in a state of duress.  Its getting silly and petty but its non-ending.

Like tonight he got angry because I didn't wash the dishes.  It was 10pm and he was ready to go to bed.  I had LITERALLY just gotten the baby to sleep and was going in there to do them but he was slamming things around the kitchen.  I told him if he would put away last nights dishes then I would wash them, but he snapped, "No.  I'LL wash them."

I started trying to put away last nights dishes (which I washed) but he started piling tonights on top of those.

He had been watching tv since I got home from work.  First he watched the Big Bang Theory, then he watched a movie.  This was all while I was trying to take care of the baby and play with Parker.  Then I had to get Parker to bed, and feed Spencer his last bottle and get him to sleep.  Also after having worked a full 8 hour day without a break AND on top of still being sick.

I told him if he wanted me to wash dishes every single night, then he was going to have to wait for the kids to go to bed because unless he has some way of cloning me I can't do everything with them at night and wash dishes too.

When I went in the kitchen to get a drink I realize he had put away all of the dishes he washed tonight, but left all the ones from last night.

He does the same thing with clothes.  He will wash HIS, but not mine.


  1. Right there with you!!
    I don't even bother to talk to Steve anymore...he doesn't listen.
    Like right now, there is no supper foods in the house....he sits in his pajama pants watching some stupid movie on tv.
    He said he would go to the store and he knows I am out of money right now.
    Last night he bought himself 4 2 ltrs of Diet Dr Pepper, but no regular for me. He's already drank 3 of those 4 2 ltrs too!


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