Sunday, April 27, 2014

Share a Link Sunday - 4/27/14

Good Sunday Friends.  I'm glad to see you're friendly face here reading this again!  Sorry I've missed a Sunday or two between the last post and this one.

Life has a nasty way of coming between me and my blogging!  Its a shame I have to go off every day and do the grown up things like working to pay the bills.  I would much rather stay at home and write my little article and blog posts online.

I'm sure I'll never make a living at it, but at least it is fun when I do get to do it.

I've not written anything of note in the past couple of weeks, though I did finally reach $50 on bubblews and was able to cash out.

Now I'm just waiting for that money to show up in my pay-pal.  Goodness knows I need it.


Loyal Linker Marsha shared a couple of Squidoo lenses last time I had the link up.  One of them was a lens about her favorite childhood toys.

We all have our favorite toys from chilhood, and her's just happens to be stuffed animals.

Visit her lens to find out WHY her stuffies are treasured, and see one very special homemade Pooh too!

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