Sunday, April 27, 2014

Library Book Sale Haul

Today was the last day of the annual book sale at our local library.   The last day is always the $5 bag sale.  You get a grocery bag (the plastic kind of the same size and type that grocer stores give you) and you can get as many books as you can fit IN the sack for $5.

Between my husband and myself, we got 17 books in the bag.  12 of them were mine.

I went in there with a list.  First I tried to find books on my list to complete collections that I'm getting.  Then I went back through and picked out others that just seem interesting.

I got three new Janet Evanovich books.  I'm trying to collect all of the Stephanie Plum novels, and was a little disappointed that they only had two.  I got "Eleven on Top" and "Seven Up."  I also grabbed one of her romance novels, "Love Overboard."  I don't usually read Romance, but Evanovich makes me laugh, so its worth it.

J.D. Robb is someone else I'm trying to collect.  I'm trying to get all of the "In Death" novels.  They had one novel "Calculated in Death" and a short story collection with an "In Death" short story in it.  The collection is called "The Other Side."

That was all that I got "on purpose."  Everything else I grabbed because the title sounded interesting and I liked the blurb on the jacket cover.

I got a sci-fi novel called "Moonseed" in which Venus explodes, and the thing that exploded Venus is now on Earth.

"A Madness of Angels" by Kate Griffin is a paperback.  The back cover doesn't give a synopsis, but it appears to be about the resurrection of a dead man, returned as an angel?

I picked up "Unsaid" by Neil Abramson because of the dog on the cover.  Its hard to pass by the tender gaze of a Labrador.  The cover tells me its about the ghost of a vet, not ready to move on.

The book "Lucky" I grabbed simply because it was by the author of "The Lovely Bones."  I didn't realize until I got home that it was not a novel, but a Memoir about her rape when she was a teen.

The title of the book "Infected" by Scott Sigler is what drew me to it.  As a fan of horror fiction, something titled Infection promises terror.  The cover blurb seems to hint towards infestation more than infection though.

The book "Tender Morsels" by Margo Lanagan didn't have a cover Jacket to tell me what it was about, but the cover art intrigued me, so I got it anyway.

Last, but certainly not least, I just happened to see a book by R.L. Stine.  I used to LOVE his Goosebumps books.  This one was from his Fear Street collection though.  "Heart of the Hunter"  about a boy who allows himself to be turned into a wolf to win the hart of the girl he loves.

In Recap the books I got today are:

1.  Seven Up by Janet Evanovich.
2.  Eleven on top by Janet Evanovich
3.  Love Overboard by Janet Evanovich
4.  Calculated in Death by J.D. Robb
5.  The Other Side, a short story collection including one by J.D. Robb
6.  Moonseed by Stephen Baxter
7.  "A Madness of Angels" by Kate Griffin
8.  Unsaid by Neil Abramson
9.  "Lucky" by Alice Sebold
10.  "Infected" by Scott Sigler
11.  "Tender Morsels" by Margo Lanagan
12.  "Heart of the Hunter" R.L. Stine


  1. Nice haul. I love JD Robb.

  2. Sounds like you got lots of bedtime reading.

    1. More like bath time reading, since I get most reading done in the tub.

  3. I like her too. But I have to take time between her books or I stop enjoying them. I read 3 or 4 in a row (Like I'm doing Evanovich right now) last year and they all seem to be very formulaic.

  4. I so miss the library book sales!
    Here it was so much per bag, but you could fill a whole grocery cart for $8!!
    I always went that route. It's been a couple years at least since they have had a sale at least. They used to have one in the spring and one in the fall.
    I need to stop in and ask at the book store in the library why they have stopped having them.
    Now they have bins in the front of the store place where you can fill a bag for so much or get 5 books for $1 or something.

    1. When its not time for the book sale they sale books all year long in a little store at each library. $1 a book for hardback or 50 cent for paperbacks. I got a lot of the Evanovich novels I have that way.


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