Sunday, March 2, 2014

Squidoo Sunday / Share a Link Sunday

I apologize to my regular linkers for Squidoo Sunday not showing up for a few weeks.

Actually I had not planned to do another one.  I'm easily discouraged, and even when sharing the Squidoo Sunday link in groups full of Squidoo users I wasn't getting any links, other than those of a wonderful loyal linker.

Then I decided to change it a little.

Instead of limiting the linky to only Squidoo, I'm going to open it up a little wider.

Squidoo Sunday will now be Share a Link Sunday

You can still share your Squidoo lenses, but you can also share a link from your personal blog, or from placed like Writedge, My Two Cents, or Bubblews.

I'm still going to feature one link from each week's linky on the following weeks linky post, so you have the chance of getting double the exposure.

Now we all know the reason you visit a linky blog is to check out the links!  So take a peek at the links shared below.

Feel free to add your own link!  Don't be shy!  I don't care if you share a Squidoo lens or if write for Writedge, My Two Cents, or Bubblews.  You are welcome to share links from your own personal blog as well!

Right now the only RULE is that you only link to something you've written.  Please no links to online shops, or to social media platforms like facebook, G+ or Pinterest.


  1. I should have been discouraged with mine years ago.
    I really am tired of no one wanting to hop along but a select few that I can pretty much count on each week.
    What can we do to get more people to hop along?

  2. I usually drop by but many times the topic don't fit anything I can share, so I don't :) I do link when it's appropriate tho.


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