Saturday, March 22, 2014

Share a Link Sunday - 3-23-14

Happy Sunday again to all my friends.  I hope you had an excellent and super productive week!

Mine wasn't as productive as I hope for it to be.  While I did get a couple of things written at Bubblews and Daily Two Cents, I didn't get anything done on Squidoo at all.  I have 7 WIP lenses that I need to get finished!  And that's not counting the ones where I need to go back and edit because I haven't touched them in a year.

I'm only  $15 away from a payout in bubblews, so I think I need to focus more on posting there and GET there.


I had 2 links to choose from last week, and they were both good ones for sure!  I chose to feature this one though:

Marsha is a busy lady, no doubt.  But she always takes time to share her day and all her activities with us.
Find out what unexpected call she got at 8am.  See pictures of an awesome yo-yo quilt, a homesick pooch, and the cutest little almost 3 year old you've seen this week!

Don't stick to this one post though.  Feel free to read through all of Marsha's Ramblin!


  1. Thanks for the feature. This week I am sharing one lens and one bubblews post again.

    1. Thanks for linking up! I visited and did the social sharing thing on your links. Hope it helps a little.


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