Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years 2014

Here is my little family.  My husband, my mother in law and my two sons.

This is how we spent our New Years Eve night.  No big parties for us.  No drinking and dancing on tables with lampshades on our heads.

Nope, we had a fun night in.  We played board games and took turns holding the baby.  Parker even played his very first board game with us.  One called Minotaurus which is actually a LEGO board game.

Not only did he play it, but he won it.  Fair and square.  We didn't LET him win.

After we played several board games we stopped for supper.  Then the video games were brought out.

In this particular picture my husband was playing Angry Birds Star Wars on the Wii while Parker played with his various Star Wars toys, and my Mother in Law was feeding Spencer.  (Other than stopped to snap the picture I was washing dishes at that point.)

Later we all played a Mario Party game together.  Even Parker.

All in all it was a very settled, very familiy centered night.

Earlier that day I had been lamenting to my husband that I wish we could go out and do something.  And by the time midnight rolled around (after the game playing was over, the kids were in bed and my MIL had gone home) I was bored to tears.  But while we were all together it was a lot of fun, and a decent way to ring in a new year.

(daily grattitude)

1.  Sheryl cooked a new years meal.
2.  Playing more board games.
3.  Hugs from Parker.
4.  Spencer smiling at me.
5.  Coffee.
6.  A bed and cozy blankets to sleep in/under.



  1. I see your hubby is in his gaming chair....glad he is enjoying his new game.

    1. He loves that chair. He uses it to watch movies in too. lol

      Yep, he's become quite addicted to the Angry Birds Star Wars.

  2. p.s. did you see that your Walking Dead book is one of the suggested books on the sci fi reading review quest?

    1. Not quite. The one I got was "The Rise of the Governor." The one on the list is "The Fall of the Governor."

      I might still review it for the quest though, if I can finish reading it before the deadline.

  3. You have to tell me more about Vampire Zero sounds like my kind of book

    1. I wont be able to finish reading it. I can't get into it. Turns out its the 3rd book in a series so I've been thrown down in the middle of something without a lot of back story.

      I CAN tell you that the vampires in this one are the bloodthirsty killing kind, not the kind that sparkle and fall in love with teenaged girls.


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