Saturday, January 11, 2014

Desktop Storage, Decorated with Washi Tape

 As you can tell from this photo here, my desk is a bit of  mess.  I usually keep an area clear right at the front, but have so much junk piked up to the left and the right that I have 0% elbow room.

This started happening when I was downsized from an entire "office" of my own to a little corner in my bedroom.  You can't see it here, but this desk is squeezed in between the window and my bed!

When I'm here working not only do I not have any elbow room to the left OR to the right, but the bed is also covered with a random assortment of magazines, paper, pens, notebooks etc.

I joke that I spread like a fungus when I'm working somewhere.

Meanwhile, where I work, these corner shelving units had gone on clearance.  Normally $34.99 they were on clearance for $12.99.

That was a $22 savings, and that was hard to ignore.

I had that little square shelf on my desk for storage, but the drawers had long ago overflowed and the sea of junk was pooling out around it.

I'll admit to being concerned that the corner shelf was too big for my desk.  But IF it fit, then I could actually use that corner of my desk again.

After thinking about it for a couple of days, and witnessing a person buying the majority of the shelves we had in stock, I figured that I had BETTER buy one of them if I wanted it.

I had some money that I got when I returned the defective popcorn popper I got for Christmas, so I decided to take the plunge and bought it.

This morning I un-boxed it and built it.

Not counting the screws and dowels that are holding it together it only has 5 pieces.

It was VERY easy to put together.  I had the whole thing assembled in about 30 minutes. 

My son watched and kept asking me why I was building a "house."

So, there is my desk.  The work surface is clean, because I now have 3 levels of stuff in the corner to pile my junk on.  The biggest question now is how long it will be before even THAT overflows.

It does take up a little more room than I had pictured it using, but its still better than my old system.

And if you notice, my old system is sitting on top of my new system.  I have

Meanwhile, I had some washi tape on my desk and I thought, "I wonder if....."

See, the washi was about the same width as the shelves.  And  the shelf looked so plain sitting there.

And the tape fit PERFECTLY.

This is great because washi tape is removeable.  That means, unlike paint, I can easily change out the colors on the shelf by removing the old washi and putting new washi in its place!

I could probably do the same thing with the innards, but why bother when they are going to be hidden by all of my stuff anyway.

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