Tuesday, January 7, 2014

After The Fall - A Book Review

Last time I went to the library I picked up a double armload of books.  We went to a different branch of our library than usual, and it had a bigger choice.

I was just about ready to leave, since I could hardly carry another book at all, when this quirky book cover caught my eye.

After the Fall looks like it should belong in the childrens section, not with the adult books.  It is even FULLY illustrated.  Every page has several quirky illustrations on it.

It is about an eccentric upper class family from New York.

Our narrator, Alan, comes home from school one day only to be greeted by his sister, Alexandra, informing him that the family is "ruined."

Their father, Pops, is an inventor who had mad them "filthy rich" but now everything was somehow gone.

The next morning when Alan wakes up he finds himself, his entire family (including 3 pugs) and all their belongings have been transported to Central Park.

The majority of the story takes place in Central Park, where they are cared for by their beloved housekeepers while Pops tries to invent a way to feed them and Mother becomes increasingly unhappy.

It was written and Illustrated by Victoria Roberts who is an illustrator for the New York Times.

The illustrations in this book are cute and while they are sometimes not realistically illustrating what is going on in the book, they can make you giggle with their visual pun-age. 

Its also a short book.  Only 184 pages, with fairly large type and TONS of illustrations, I had finished reading it entirely in just over an hour.

Even though this is an illustrated novel for adults, there is no reason a younger reader shoudln't read it, aside from them maybe not appreciating some of the humor.

If you think you might be interested in it, it is availble in print or kindle format from Amazon.

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  1. After the Fall sounds a bit fun to read!


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