Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Unique Gifts for Star Trek Fans

My husband is a Trekkie.  If you don't know what a Trekkie is, the short version is that a Trekkie is a huge fan of Star Trek.  (but you can be a fan of Star Trek and NOT be a Trekkie.)

So, when thinking of something unique to get him for Christmas the only thing you can be 110% certain he'll love is going to be anything Star Trek related.

However he already owns MULTIPLE copies of all the series and movies on DVD as well as VHS, and probably a LaserDisc or two.   He also owns a good number of the novels and non-fiction books, and more t-shirts than I can count.  He even has a custom airbrushed Star Trek jacket! 

Since he is a Trekkie and has been for as long as the series has existed, there are not many Star Trek things he doesn't already have.

I was, however, able to find a FEW unique things on Amazon that he might like.

Such as this Star Trek Puzzle.

There are a few different choices of Star Trek themed puzzles, but for my husband in particular this would be a great gift because he is a fan of The Original Series. 

My husband is also a fan of pizza.  Well, not just ANY pizza, but he eats at least one Chef Boyardee pizza a week.  That is often enough to think that he might would love this Pizza Cutter in the shape of the Starship Enterprise.
Then there is this full on AWESOME set of salt and Pepper Shakers!  Kirk and Spock would have been in with hubby's stocking stuffers this year, if I had seen them before I ran out of cash!

Then there are the Crossover Star Trek items.  He had already bought himself a Three Stooges Star Trek shirt.  And then he bought himself a Big Bang Theory Star Trek Shirt.

And then I found this:

This ornament matches the t-shirt he bought.  And it doesn't have to be JUST a Christmas tree ball.  This would be right at home in a curio cabinet full of Star Trek stuff.

And while searching for a Christmas gift for my husband I actually found something that I want as well!  It is a book called Star Trek Cross-Stitch: Explore Strange New Worlds of Crafting.

This book has some pretty awesome stitch designs inside. From a classic "Starship Sweet Starship" play on "Home Sweet Home" to a snarky red shirt that boldy proclaims EXPENDABLE.

Of course, all of these gifts barely even scratch the surface of all the cool gizmos and gadgets availble.  After all, Star Trek has been around since 1966!

If you want a few more ideas (some not included here) feel free to check out my Squidoo Lens on the subject....also titled Unique Gifts for Star Trek Fans.


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  1. This is fun for the trekkettes... =)


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