Sunday, December 15, 2013

Squidoo Sunday - 12/15

Good morning friends!  It is Sunday again and that means its time for another Squidoo link up!

Payday happened this week.  Sadly I was not one of the lucky ones who actually made any money this time around.  I hope you all had better luck!

I've been working on updating some of my older and low level lenses this week, so I didn't get around to making a new gift guide.

I did update my first book review lens.
I also started a lens about Paw Patrol, my son's current favorite kids show on Nick Jr.


Today's featured lens comes from lensmaster marsha32!

In this lens marsha32 tells you how she happened to read this book, and why she didn't put it down again until she was done.

Please visit  HEAVEN IS FOR REAL to see her book review, and to find out if you might want to pick this one up too. 

Also answer her poll while you are there.  Do YOU think Heaven is for real?

* * * * * *

Now is the part that everyone loves.  Drop a link below for a lens or two.  It can be your newest, your oldest, your highest, your lowest, your favorite or the one you hate the most.  Just share a link, and take a moment to visit the other links people have shared as well, because sharing is what makes Squidoo fun!
If you are NOT a member of Squidoo, then you should give it a shot.  It makes it easy to create webpages for all the things you love.  You could even earn a little cash along the way.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for featuring my lens.
    And, thanks for updating so I was able to get Dead(ish) on kindle free. Unfortunately doesn't earn you anything since it's free, but will up lensrank for click out. I shared the link in my facebook with the link to check out your lens.
    I put in 2 lenses about my hometown this week...mostly because they are at the bottom of my list.


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